2023 Thesis Defenses

Computer Science Thesis Defenses

Monday, May 15

Wege Auditorium – TCL 123

*Colloquium credits offered for attendance: 2 credits for morning session & 2 credits for the afternoon.*

10:00 am: Jacob Chen – “Causal Inference with Outcome-Dependent Missingness and Self-Censoring”

10:40 am: Rachel Nguyen – “Algorithms for Multihoming-Based Website Fingerprinting Defense”

11:20 am: Jonathan Rogers – “Practical Performance of List Labeling Structures Under the Min-Max Metric”

12:00 pm: BREAK

1:30 pm: Elijah Tamarchenko – “Combining Optimal Adjustment Set Selection and Post Selection Inference in Unknown Causal Graphs”

2:10 pm: Sophie Goldstein – “Lost in Translation: Understanding the Constraints and Shortcomings of AI Text Generation Models”

2:50 pm: Kurt Gu – “Improving Power Efficiency in Energy-Harvesting Devices”