Advising and Majors Information 2023-2024

As you begin planning your classes for next year and thinking about majoring, we’d like to point you to several resources available from the CS department.

CS Classes in 23-24

This presentation briefly describes all of the classes we’re offering this year.  The complete course catalog is available from the Registrar’s website.  Be sure to pre-register for classes before the deadline.

We will be holding advising hours during Preregistration to answer any questions you have.  Our advising schedule lists our hours and how to get in touch.

Declaring a CS Major

If you are a rising Junior (or Senior) and would like to declare a major in computer science, please follow these steps:

  1. Review our major requirements.  Some additional details and suggestions can be found in this presentation.  Please note that to be eligible to declare a CS major you must have completed:
    • two computer science courses, including CS 136; and
    • the Discrete Mathematics Proficiency Requirement.
    • If you have not completed these items, you may still declare the major, but only at a later date once you have completed those two items.
  2. Fill out a CS major planning worksheet and submit it, and a transcript, here.
  3. Meet with an advisor during Pre-registration.  You must have completed and submitted your worksheet before meeting with your CS advisor.  See our advising schedule to find an advisor and time.
  4. Once you have met with an advisor, please fill out the Registrar’s Major Declaration Form.
  5. Welcome to the CS Major!

Major Requirements in 2023-2024

Below are several specific items related to our major requirements and how we have adjusted them due to the pandemic:

  • Courses taken pass-fail typically cannot be used to fulfill computer science degree requirements.  However, courses taken pass-fail during Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 semesters may be used to fulfill computer science degree requirements.
  • Colloquium has always been a way to gather as a community and be intellectually engaged in our field beyond the formal structure of courses.  These will be held weekly on Fridays at 2:35 – 3:50.  Majors are required to attend 20 colloquia before graduating.