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Colloquium – “What I Did Last Summer”

Friday, October 4th (Mountain Day backup date: October 11) 2:35pm in TPL 203 Computer Science students share about their summer internship experiences in industry. Snacks will be served, colloquium credit awarded for attending. Matt Bock (Arrowstreet Capital) Markus Feng (Facebook/Oculus) Gaurnett Flowers (Google) Jamie Kasulis (Chewy) Davey Morse (Frontier Signal)… Continue reading »

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Samuel McCauley

Prof. Samuel McCauley joins the Computer Science department this year, teaching CSCI 136 in the fall. Broadly speaking, Sam’s expertise is in theoretical computer science. He received his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University in 2016, and his graduate work was on algorithms for scheduling and external memory. Since… Continue reading »

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Iris Howley

Iris Howley’s research investigates human interaction with artificial intelligence (AI) in educational contexts. By combining concepts from computer science, psychology, and design, this work aims to improve technologically enhanced learning experiences for instructors and students. This includes deploying interactive experiences explaining complex algorithms within educational AI systems, adapting… Continue reading »