News & Events

Grace Hopper Conference 2016

Williams College students and faculty attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing October 18-22, 2016.

L to R: Prof. Jeannie Albrecht, Julia Goldman ’18, Miranda Chaiken ’19, Jamie Lesser ’17, Melanie Subbiah ’17, Prof. Andrea Danyluk, Emily Hoyt ’17, Stephanie Liu ’18, Anjali Pai ’19

Become a Teaching Assistant or Tutor – Spring 2017!

imagesThe Computer Science Department is now accepting applications for teaching assistants and tutors for the Fall semester. We are interested in finding TAs for classes ranging from our introductory classes to our upper-level core classes and electives. You may be a TA for any class you have completed (or CS 134), and we encourage even those early in the major or who have taken only one or two CS courses to apply. Being a TA is a great opportunity to teach other students and to work closely with faculty as part of your life at Williams, and it can be a very rewarding experience. You are all encouraged to apply!

Please apply by October 31st by filling out the online form available. Contact Lauren ([email protected]) with any questions.

Williams + Vicarious Visions + NVIDIA VR Hackathon

Williams College, the Vicarious Visions game studio, and NVIDIA staff and students participated in a virtual reality hackathon at Williams run by Prof. McGuire of the Computer Science department on Friday, August 19th.
Working in small teams, they built new virtual reality software and hardware during an intense and fun day.  They used HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus DK2, and Google Cardboard head mounted displays and the Unity game engine.  The group also studied demos of the latest commercial VR experiences.
Lylia Li ’18 and Kar Yern Chin ’18
Prof. Morgan McGuire

CS Majors Volunteer with Local Elementary Students

Matthew McNaughton ’16, Emily Roach ’16, and Leslie Chae ’16, participated in the Williams Elementary Outreach iTeam, a pilot program of CLiA. They worked with students at Brayton Elementary in North Adams for “The Hour of Code,” to introduce young students to what coding is and get them excited. The students had limited educational experiences with computers and computer science.

According to Leslie Chae, “CLiA has been working to get more educational technology integrated into the elementary schools and I believe that this session really proved that the kids are not only willing but excited to learn more. With the Angry Birds and Minesweeper games on the site, the kids used the iPads that the school provides to “code” character movement and actions using building blocks. By the end of the hour, the students were using concepts such as for and while loops to carry out these goals.”

Due to the success of the Hour of Code program, CLiA has begun to provide more educational technology in the classrooms, through internet researching sessions and Friday afternoon coding sessions, also assisted by Williams CS students.


Matthew McNaughton ’16 said of his experience, “I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the kids at Breyton on learning computer science. It was really fun to see their excitement and hopefully computer science will be something that brings them a similar level of excitement for years to come!”


Emily Roach ’16 teaches a Brayton Elementary student about Computer Science.

Pre-registration Advising Hours

Computer Science Faculty will hold advising hours for students interested in a CS major. Students who would like to major in Computer Science will meet with a faculty member during advising hours to sign a Major Declaration Form. This is also a chance to ask questions and to plan what courses will be taken to complete the major.

Advising hours are as follows:

Jeannie Albrecht
Wed 1-2:30pm
Thur 1:30-4pm
Fri 11am-12pm

Duane Bailey
Mon 7-9pm
Thurs 10-11am
Steve Freund
Mon 2:30-4pm
Wed 2:30-4pm
Brent Heeringa
Mondays 8-10pm
Tuesday 10:30am-12pm
Bill Lenhart
Tues 11am-12pm, 4-5pm
Thur 2-4pm
Fri 1-2pm
Morgan McGuire
Tues 1-3pm
Wed 2-4pm
Tom Murtagh
Tues 1:30-3:30pm
Wed 2-4pm
Fri 1-2pm