Colloquium 3/08: Grad School Panel

Friday, March 08 2:35pm in Wege Thinking about graduate school? CS faculty will discuss everything you need to know about graduate school including; deadlines, personal statements, finding an advisor, research, application process, and choosing the right school. CS Colloquium credit for attendance. Continue reading »

Colloquium 3/01: Alexa VanHattum, Wellesley

Alexa VanHattum Computer Science Colloquium Friday, March 01 2:35pm in Wege (TCL 123) Lightweight, Modular Verification for Systems Compilers Language-level system guarantees—like runtime isolation for WebAssembly modules—are only as strong as the compiler that produces a native-machine-specific executable. Subtle wrong-code bugs in the compiler can introduce serious security flaws. Continue reading »

2/23 Colloquium: Ethan Zuckerman ’93

Ethan Zuckerman Computer Science Colloquium Friday, February 23 2:35pm in Wege (TCL 123)   How Big is YouTube? Social media and user-generated content have thoroughly transformed the media landscape, giving birth to powerful companies, transforming news and political participation. Despite the influence of platforms run by Google… Continue reading »

Colloquium 12/01 – Prof. Shikha Singh

Friday, December 01 2:35pm in Wege Auditorium Leveraging ML Predictions for Beyond-Worst-Case Algorithm Design Traditionally, we measure the performance of algorithms in the worst-case model.   That is, the algorithms are designed to perform well against an adversarial input sequence.  While the worst-case paradigm provides extremely strong guarantees, it can… Continue reading »

Colloquium 11/17 – Rachee Singh, Cornell University

Rachee Singh Computer Science Colloquium Friday, November 17 2:35pm in Wege Photonic Collective Communication for Distributed Machine Learning Distributed ML training and inference requires intermediate model parameters on accelerators to be accumulated, reduced and transferred over the network between accelerators using collective communication primitives. This talk… Continue reading »

Computer Science Class of ’60s Colloquium

David Jensen David Jensen, UMass Amherst Friday, November 10 2:35pm in Wege (TCL 123) “Explanation, Causation, and Mechanism in AI systems” Recent work in artificial intelligence has emphasized the need for explanation, transparency, accountability, and other properties that allow potential users to better understand how these systems process information. Continue reading »