Colloquium 11/11 – Guilherme Jardim Duarte, UPenn

Computer Science Colloquium Friday, November 11 2:35pm in Wege Auditorium   Learning from Imperfect Identification Strategies — Automating Causal Inference When Classic Assumptions Fail Social science has developed an expansive design-based toolkit for applied causal inference, but the identifying assumptions that undergird standard approaches often fail in applied settings. In… Continue reading »

Colloquium 11/04 – Rachit Nigam, Cornell University

CS Colloquium Friday, November 04 Wege @ 2:35pm Turning Software Programs to Hardware Circuits Hardware accelerators are an increasingly common feature of modern computer chips: from the ubiquitous graphics processing units (GPUs) to Apple’s Neural Engine, hardware accelerators can perform outperform traditional processor but orders of magnitudes while being… Continue reading »

Apply to be a Teaching Assistant – Spring ’23

Become a Teaching Assistant or Tutor for COMPUTER SCIENCE  This is a great opportunity to teach other students and to work closely with faculty- it can be a very rewarding experience.  Application can be found at: Applications due… Continue reading »

Colloquium Sept. 30 – Sonia Roberts, Northeastern University

Sonia Roberts Computer Science Colloquium Friday, September 30 2:35pm in Wege “Walking softly: How compliance can improve locomotion for legged robots” Traditional robots are rigid and operate in well defined, predictable environments. As we have begun to build for and deploy robots in the real world, roboticists have typically… Continue reading »

Colloquium September 16 – Ina Fiterau, UMass Amherst

Computer Science Colloquium Friday, September 16 Wege Auditorium @ 2:35pm Disease Trajectory Modeling from Heterogeneous, Multimodal Data Modeling multimodal data is particularly important in healthcare applications. Chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, congenital heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease affect a significant segment of the population. According to the CDC, almost… Continue reading »

Welcome Back Colloquium 9/9 @ 2:35pm

Computer Science Colloquium Friday, September 9th @ 2:35pm in TCL 123 Find out what’s in store for this semester, nominate CoSSAC members, and hear short talks from new professors Jim Bern, Katie Keith and Mark Hopkins. Colloquium credit awarded for attendance! Jim Bern: Creating Robotic Art and… Continue reading »