Aaron Archer

Improved Approximation Algorithms for the Prize-Collecting Steiner Tree Problem Given a graph (V,E) with a cost on each edge and a penalty (a.k.a. prize) on each node, the prize-collecting Steiner tree (PCST) problem asks for the tree that minimizes the sum of the edge costs in the tree and the… Continue reading »

Michael Littman

Modular Approaches to Computer Programs for Language Games Michael Littman will present a survey of efforts that address formal/informal aspects of language by developing programs that attack games people play. The games surveyed include Trivial Pursuit, Crossword Puzzles, and Jeopardy! One common theme to many of the successful programs is… Continue reading »

John Rieffel

Growing and Evolving Soft Robots While robots played a part in the recovery efforts of recent natural disasters in China and Japan, their relatively modest role highlights the limitations of conventional rigid-bodied designs. Imagine instead a soft, resilient and deformable robot able to change shape and squeeze through small apertures. Continue reading »

Sigma Xi Research Lecture – Jeannie Albrecht

Friday, November 16 4:15 pm, Wege Auditorium Flattening Peak Electricity Demand in Smart Buildings Flattening household electricity demand reduces generation costs, since costs are disproportionately affected by peak demands. While the vast majority of household electrical loads are interactive and have little scheduling flexibility (TVs, microwaves, etc.),… Continue reading »

Jeannie Albrecht – Sigma XI Research Lectures

Jeannie Albrecht, assistant professor of computer science, will present this year’s annual Sigma Xi lectures at Williams College on Thursday, Nov. 15 and Friday, Nov. 16. Free and open to the public, both talks will take place at 4:15 p.m. in Wege Auditorium. Albrecht will present “Sensor-Driven Energy Management for… Continue reading »

Teaching Assistant/Tutor Applications due November 19!

The Computer Science Department is now accepting applications for teaching assistants and tutors for the Spring semester. We are interested in finding TAs for classes ranging from our introductory classes to our upper-level core classes and electives. You may be a TA for any class you have completed (or CS134), and we encourage even… Continue reading »

Class of 1960’s Scholars

  The Computer Science Department’s Class of 1960’s Scholars enjoy a sushi boat at Sushi Thai Garden with Professor Lorrie Faith Cranor, featured speaker. James Wilcox ’13, April Shen ’13, Abbie Zimmerman-Niefield ’15, Brianne Mirecki ’14 Lorrie Faith Cranor, Donny Huang ’13, Lily Riopelle ’14… Continue reading »

Sameer Singh

Machines That Read: Extracting Knowledge From Raw Text The advent of internet has provided access to vast amounts of text, however there is no easy way for users to obtain the information contained in these texts. Search engines make this partly possible, however most of the semantic content and details… Continue reading »