Dr. David Ferrucci

Class of 1960s Scholars Lecture in Computer Science Beyond Jeopardy! The Future of Watson Computer systems that directly and accurately understand and answer people’s questions over a broad domain of human knowledge have been envisioned by scientists and writers since the advent of computers themselves. Toy solutions are… Continue reading »

Ben Ransford

Transiently Powered Computers Demand for tiny, easily deployable computers has driven the development of general-purpose transiently powered computers (TPCs) that lack both batteries and wired power, operating exclusively on energy harvested from remote supplies or the environment. TPCs like the Intel WISP and the UMass Moo offer sensing, computation, and… Continue reading »

Samuel Z. Guyer

Tools for Improving Software Right Now Many areas of technology have enjoyed spectacular advances in recent years: the number of transistors on a chip, the density of memory and storage, the bandwidth and speed of networks. Software quality, however, is not one of them. In spite of considerable effort, the… Continue reading »