Colloquium Speaker – Jeff Huang, Brown University – 11/01

Friday, November 1 2:35pm @ TCL 123 (Wege Auditorium) Personalized Behavior-Powered Systems I will present work that leverages user behavioral data to build personalized applications, which I call “behavior-powered systems”. I will present 3 projects from our group. 1) WebGazer uses interaction data made on any website to… Continue reading »

COSSAC Peer-to-Peer Mock Coding Interview Program

Back by popular demand!  This program was designed to help students get practice with coding interviews (like the ones you see for Software/Data Engineering positions!) before the real deal. We’re happy to announce that you can sign up for a mock tech interview for this week using the link below:… Continue reading »

UnICS Ice Cream Social Tuesday, October 8

UnICS (Underrepresented Identities in Computer Science) is hosting an ice cream social at the Eco Cafe this Tuesday (10/08) from 8pm – 10pm. We’ll have several flavors and toppings and possibly ice cream cake from Lickety Split.  All are welcome, so destress this midterm… Continue reading »

Colloquium – James Lester, North Carolina State University

Friday, April 26 @ 2:35pm in Wege Auditorium (TCL 123) Intelligent Narrative-Centered Learning Environments Adaptive learning technologies offer significant promise for bringing about fundamental improvements in education and training. For the past decade we have been investigating a family of intelligent game-based learning environments focusing on narrative-centered learning and integrating… Continue reading »

Colloquium speaker: Leslie Kaelbling, MIT

Computer Science Colloquium 4/12/19 @ 2:35pm in Wege Auditorium Doing for our Robots What Nature Did for Us We, as robot engineers, have to think hard about our role in the design of robots and how it interacts with learning, both in “the factory” (that is, at engineering time) and… Continue reading »