Department News

Colloquium 12/09 – Amy Babay, University of Pittsburg

Computer Science Colloquium Friday, December 09 2:35pm in Wege Auditorium   Toward Intrusion-Tolerant Critical Infrastructure As critical infrastructure systems are becoming increasingly exposed to malicious attacks, it is crucial to ensure that they can withstand sophisticated attacks while continuing to operate correctly and at their expected level of performance. In this talk,… Continue reading »

Colloquium 12/02 – Sean Barker ’09, Bowdoin College

Computer Science Colloquium Friday, December 02 2:35pm in Wege Auditorium   Smart Meters for Smart Cities: Data Analytics in Energy-Aware Buildings The proliferation of smart energy meters has resulted in many opportunities for next-generation buildings.  Energy-aware “smart buildings” may optimize their energy consumption and provide convenience and economic benefits through… Continue reading »

Colloquium November 18 – Daniel Malinsky, Columbia University

Computer Science Colloquium Friday, November 18 2:35pm in Wege Auditorium   Identifying Causal Determinants of Clinical Outcomes from Electronic Health Records Using Graphical Structure Learning: Challenges and Opportunities in Causal Discovery Many goals within causal inference, including estimating average treatment effects and understanding path-specific mechanisms, depend on knowing the qualitative causal structure underlying a domain. Continue reading »

Colloquium Nov 11 – Guilherme Jardim Duarte – UPenn

Computer Science Colloquium Friday, November 11 2:35pm in Wege Auditorium   Learning from Imperfect Identification Strategies — Automating Causal Inference When Classic Assumptions Fail Social science has developed an expansive design-based toolkit for applied causal inference, but the identifying assumptions that undergird standard approaches often fail in applied settings. Continue reading »

Colloquium 11/04 – Rachit Nigam, Cornell University

CS Colloquium Friday, November 04 Wege @ 2:35pm Turning Software Programs to Hardware Circuits Hardware accelerators are an increasingly common feature of modern computer chips: from the ubiquitous graphics processing units (GPUs) to Apple’s Neural Engine, hardware accelerators can perform outperform traditional processor but orders of magnitudes while being… Continue reading »

Apply to be a Teaching Assistant – Spring ’23

Become a Teaching Assistant or Tutor for COMPUTER SCIENCE  This is a great opportunity to teach other students and to work closely with faculty- it can be a very rewarding experience.  Application can be found at: Applications due… Continue reading »