Department News

CS Hosts Class of ’60s Speaker James Mickens, Harvard

Thursday, March 07 @ 8:00pm, Wege Auditorium (TCL 123) “Blockchains are a Bad Idea (More Specifically, Blockchains are a Very Bad Idea)” Blockchains have been proposed as the best storage technology for a variety of use cases, e.g., supply chain management and the administration of medical records. Unfortunately, in almost… Continue reading »

Pill Pack Recruiting Events

Join Williams CS alumni Mary Imevbore ‘18 and Noah Grumman ‘16, PillPack software engineers, for an informational session or the CS Colloquium talk to learn more about opportunities with this company. There will be snacks and swag, and students who attend one or more of these events… Continue reading »

Welcome Back Colloquium!

Friday, September 7th @ 2:35pm, TCL 202 Find out what’s in store for this semester, nominate CoSSAC members, and hear a talk by Claire Le Goues of Carnegie Mellon University. Colloquium credit and snacks offered. “Fixed That For You: Scalable Semantic Code Search for High-Quality Program Repair”… Continue reading »

Class of ’60s Speaker – Chris Umans ’96

Thursday, April 26 @ 8:00pm; Wege Auditorium (TCL 123) “Algorithmic Magic: Behind the Scenes of Modern Computer Science” Algorithmic advances have been responsible for some of the most remarkable applications of computation today, from search engines to machine learning to error-correcting codes, cryptography and scientific computing. Yet, even now, some… Continue reading »

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