Computer Science Labs

The Computer Science Department has a network of Linux Dell PCs, FreeBSD servers, and Macintosh computers available in a number of labs:

  • Unix Lab: The department’s network of Unix workstations is located in the Computer Science Student Laboratory in the Thompson Computing Laboratory. The machines in this lab run variants of the Unix operating system, and currently consist of Dell systems running FreeBSD and Linux. These systems are reserved for students in computer science courses.
  • Mac Lab: Our laboratory of Macintosh computers, which are used by students taking introductory computer science courses, is also located in the Thompson Computing Laboratory. The state-of-the-art equipment in these laboratories provide students with an excellent opportunity to use some of the most powerful tools available today to computer scientists.
  • The “Back Lab”: We also have a reconfigurable lab space for use by various courses involving lab work, ranging from digital design to computer architecture to robotics.
  • Sysnet Cluster: A group of rack-mounted servers make up the department’s research cluster, and is available for high performance parallel and distributed computing. It is available upon request to thesis students and students in project courses.

It is strongly encouraged for faculty to inspect the facilities before class or lab.

Any questions or problems with the labs, please send mail to [email protected]

Computer Lab


CS Mac Lab TCL 217a
CS TA Room TCL 217
CS Unix Lab TCL 312
CS Special Purpose Lab TCL 312b
Core Sciences Mac Lab TCL 216