CSCI 134A: Introduction to Computer Science: Objects, Events, and Graphics (Q)

Computing is central to many aspects of our lives and the world. This course introduces fundamental ideas in computer science and builds the skills necessary to create computer programs in the Java programming language, with an emphasis on graphics and user interfaces. Students learn to design programs in a wide range of application areas, from games to spam filters and image editing to scientific simulations. Programming topics include object-oriented programming, control structures, arrays, recursion, and event-driven programming, as well as how to construct correct, understandable, and efficient programs. This course is appropriate for all students who want to create software and have little or no prior computing experience.

Format: Lectures/labs. Evaluation will be based on weekly assignments, final programming projects, and examinations.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites, except for the standard prerequisites for a (Q) course. Note that previous programming experience is not required. Students with prior experience with object–oriented programming should discuss appropriate course placement with members of the department.

Course webpage: Click here!

Taught by: Freund, Danyluk, Heeringa, Howley, Lenhart, McGuire, Murtagh

Scheduled offerings:
Fall 2017
134-A1 (LEC) MWF 9:00-9:50
134-A2 (LEC) MWF 10:00-10:50
134-A3 (LAB) M 1:00-4:00
134-A4 (LAB) M 7:00-10:00
134-A5 (LAB) T 8:30-11:20