CSCI 318T: Numerical Problem Solving [CHEM 318T, MATH 318T, PHYS 318T] (Q)

In the last twenty years computers have profoundly changed the work in numercial mathematics ( in areas from linear algebra and calculus to differential equations and probability). The main gaol of this tutorial is to learn how to use computers to do quanitative science. We will explore concepts and ideas in mathematics and science using numberical methods and computer programming. We will use specialized software, including Mathematica and Matlab. Computer programming skills are not required.

Format: Tutorial. Evaluation will be based on homework, classwork and exams.

Prerequisites: Mathematics 105/106 and Mathematics 211 or permission of the instructor. Enrollment: 10. This tutuorial is a quanitative/formal reasoning course.

Course webpage: See instructor.

Taught by: Mihai Stoiciu

Scheduled offerings:

Past offerings:
Spring 11 318T-T1 (TUT)