CSCI 334: Principles of Programming Languages (Q)

This course examines concepts and structures governing the design and implementation of programming languages. It presents an introduction to concepts of compilers and run-time representations of programming languages; features of programming languages supporting abstraction; and programming language paradigms including procedural programming, functional programming, object-oriented programming, polymorphism, and concurrency. Programs will be required in languages illustrating each of these paradigms.

Format: Lectures. Evaluation will be based on weekly problem sets including programming, one or more midterm examinations and a final examination.

Prerequisites: CSCI 136.

Course webpage: Click here

Taught by: Freund

Scheduled offerings:

Spring 2017
334-01 (LEC) TR 9:55-11:10

Past offerings:
Spring 2016
334-01 (LEC) TR 9:55-11:10

Spring 2015
334-01 (LEC) TR 9:55-11:10

Spring 2014
334-01 (LEC) TR 9:55-11:10