Declaring a CS Major

If you are a rising Junior (or Senior) and would like to declare a major in computer science, please follow these steps:

  1. Review our major requirements.  Some additional details and suggestions can be found in this presentation.  Please note that to be eligible to declare a CS major you must have completed:
    • two computer science courses, including CS 136; and
    • the Discrete Mathematics Proficiency Requirement.
    • If you have not completed these items, you may still declare the major, but only at a later date once you have completed those two items.
  2. Fill out a CS major planning worksheet and submit it with a transcript here.
  3. Meet with an advisor between May 10-14.  You must have completed and submitted your worksheet before meeting with your CS advisor.  See our advising schedule to find an advisor and time.
  4. Once you have met with an advisor, please fill out the Registrar’s Major Declaration Form.
  5. Welcome to the CS Major!