Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Shikha Singh

Shikha is broadly interested in problems at the intersection of computer science theory, economics, and social choice theory, and more specifically in the area of algorithmic game theory.  Shikha also works in the area of algorithms and data structures with a focus on I/O-efficient and online algorithms.  She received her PhD from Stony Brook University in 2018, and her integrated MSc. from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.
How did you become interested in CS? Or in your area of study specifically?
I did my undergrad in India where you get assigned to a department (or major area) through a matching process even before you start college.  I was matched to the “Mathematics and Computing” department but at the time I was mostly interested in mathematics.  As part of the program, however, I had to take a lot of CS courses as well.  In retrospect, it was the perfect combination—I was exposed to a breadth of CS courses while getting a rigorous mathematical training.  When I was applying to grad schools in Math, I sent some applications to CS departments as well.  I ended up receiving a big fellowship from Stony Brook Computer Science and long story short here I am!What do you bring to Williams Computer Science Department?

I bring my enthusiasm for mathematical formalism and my love for teaching to the department. I also bring my experiences being a woman of color in computer science and, not inconsequently, my strong commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in CS.What are some of your favorite things?

My favorite things are samosas, bibimbap, and coconut desserts!  Apart from food-related things and cooking, I enjoy watching TV (Netflix and like), swimming, hiking and doing yoga.Are you excited about any specific aspect of living in the Berkshires or working at Williams?

I am thrilled about all the outdoor activities that the Berkshires have to offer.  I have been enjoying hiking the trails around here and I am thrilled (and simultaneously terrified) to learn skiing this winter.  As to working at Williams, I am excited about being part of a wonderful fast-growing department and the larger liberal-arts focused Williams community.  Last but not the least, I am also excited that I get to teach the bright, ever-so-curious Williams students.