CoSSAC (Computer Science Student Activities/Advisory Committee) organizes activities, brings issues of importance to students to the department, and provides student input to the department on hiring and other issues.  CoSSAC organizes and hosts the Monday night snacks, as well as other social (e.g. departmental T-shirt design) and educational activities (e.g. mini-tutorials for students during WSP on technology-related topics).  During years when the department is hiring, CoSSAC meets with candidates and provides student input to the department about candidates.  CoSSAC is limited only by their own imaginations (and available department funds!).

For more information visit the official CoSSAC website:

2020-2021 CoSSAC Members

Betsy Button ’21
Karmen Liang ’21
Catherine Yeh ’22
Gaurnett Flowers ’22
Minh Phan ’23
Rito Tanaka ’23