Senior CS Students Awarded Honors

The following Computer Science majors successfully defended their theses on Monday, May 18, and will be awarded honors upon graduation.


  • Tongyu Zhou: “Confusion Detection on Annotator Affect” (Advisor: Iris Howley)
  • Josh Kang: “SOAR: a Self-Optimizing Adaptive SoC on FPGAs” (Advisor: Duane Bailey)
  • Adly Templeton: “Inherently Interpretable Sparse Word Embeddings through Sparse Coding” (Advisor: Duane Bailey)
  • Emmie Hine: “ExperiMan: Automatically Correct and Replicable Online Experiments” (Advisor: Daniel Barowy)
  • Yo Akiyama:  “The Design and Implementation of the Space Reclamation Framework for a NAND-based Log-Structured Inspired File System” (Advisor: Tom Murtagh)
  • Will Burford: “Data Consistency in Internet of Things Systems” (Advisor: Kelly Shaw)

If you missed their presentations, you can watch our archived livestream.

Help us in congratulating these students on their accomplishment!