Study Away Guidelines

CS Study Away Guidelines and Information

General information:

  • Study Away credit for CS courses is possible at most English speaking programs
  • Credit may be obtained for non-English programs on a case-by-case basis
  • Common programs: AIT Budapest, WEPO
  • Common core courses taken abroad: Theory of Computation, Algorithms, Programming Languages
  • Students generally find courses taken abroad to be less rigorous than our courses
  • Beware of prerequisites and assumed prior knowledge (particularly for systems-oriented electives)
  • You may receive credit for no more than 2 CS courses (elective or core) and 1 Math course
  • You cannot receive credit for the same course twice (i.e., If you take Machine Learning abroad, you cannot take it at Williams.)
  • A student studying away on a program approved by the International Education and Study Away Office will receive four colloquium credits for each semester away, up to a total of eight credits.


  • You must get approval for courses you plan to take abroad for credit before taking them
  • To get approval, email Dan Barowy ( [email protected] ) with a syllabus and course description for each course you plan to take
  • Upon returning to Williams, submit Study Away Evaluation form to receive course credit