Thesis Defenses - 5/16 in Wege Auditorium

Computer Science Thesis Defenses

Monday, May 16

Wege Auditorium – TCL 123

*Colloquium credits offered for attendance: 2 credits for morning session & 2 credits for the afternoon.*

9.30 am:  Maddie Burbage – “A Private, Associative Memory Alternative for RISC Systems”

10.10  am:   Chris Chung – “B-epsilon tree Query Scheduling”

10.50 am:  Carson Kurtz – “Causal Discovery for Multivariate Regression Chain Graphs”

11.30  pm:   Paul Lapey – “Cooler than Cool: Cool-Lex Order for Generating New Combinatorial Objects”

1.00 pm:   Jamie Lovette – “Mitigating Straggler Impacts During Distributed Graph Neural Network Training”

1.40 pm:  Jennifer Lee – “Solving Dr. Mario Puzzles on the Nintendo Entertainment System”

2.20 pm:   Catherine Yeh – “Toward an Empirical Framework for Post-hoc Explainable AI”