Ward Prize Presentations 2023

Tuesday, May 16

Wege (TCL 123)
presentation by students nominated for the 2023 Rich Ward Prize for Best Student Project in Computer Science. CS Colloquium credit awarded for attendance.
Sanjeev Ashok Kumar and Lauren McCarey: “Sampling Methods in Text Generation”
Ye Shu: “A Decentralized, Blocking-Resistant Instant Messaging System”
Caleb Dittmar: “Da Word Bot”
Rauan Kaldybayev: “Relativistic Rasterization”
Brianna Binder and Zach Romrell: “CollabCanvas: Collaborative Drawing with Friends”
Hadassah Lurbur: “Avy Savvy Skiing: Increasing Skier Safety in the Backcountry”
Kurt Gu: “Inverting Film Negatives Using Multilayer Perceptrons”
David Goetze, Mark Bissell: “RAGdoll: A Retrieval-Augmented Generation System for Williams College Academic Advising”