Women in CS attend Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Baltimore.

Three students (April Shen ’13, Bryn Reinstadler ’15, and Abbie Zimmermann-Niefield ’15) and two faculty (Jeannie Albrecht and Andrea Danyluk) attended the conference.

Prof. Andrea Danyluk gave a talk on “Undergraduate Research Experience Internships” with Jamika Burge of Information Systems Worldwide. Andrea and Jamika are co-directors of CREU (Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates), which is sponsored by CRA-W (the Computing Research Association Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research) and the CDC (the Coalition to Diversify Computing).

Andrea also took part in a panel entitled “If I’d Only Known”. The panel, intended primarily for junior tenure-track faculty, focused on the panelists’ experiences in successfully navigating the tenure and promotion process.

Bryn Reinstadler ’15 (pictured below) presented a poster on her summer research in bioinformatics at George Mason University.